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First International Overview Symposium to be held in Kerkrade (NL) Blog


Kerkrade, September 2017 – The 1st International Overview Symposium will take place at Columbus Earth Center in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, on 3 November 2017. This momentous symposium will shed light on how the Overview Effect can be a game changer in human behavior towards a sustainable future.

The goal is to explore the Overview Effect and how to apply this transformative power to sustainable thinking and social responsibility goals. An international team of business practitioners, researchers, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists –including Space Philosopher Frank White (USA) and Professor of Sustainable Business Lars Moratis (NL)– will deliver keynotes, lectures, and lively debates. For more information on the program, speakers, and how to get your early bird tickets, please visit:

The Overview Effect

Earth: a pale blue dot, floating in an infinite universe, only protected by a thin layer of atmosphere. As far as we know, it is the only place where people can live. Astronauts who have seen Earth from orbit or the moon, report that the OVERVIEW EFFECT –a term coined by Frank White and described in his book titled The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution– has changed their perspective on the world forever.  They glance upon Earth and experience that the entire planet and everything on it moves in one single system. Earth is a living and breathing organism of which we are all part. As a result of this cognitive shift, they feel the vulnerability of our planet to such an extent that many of them dedicate their lives toward improving life on Earth. Being able to transfer the Overview Effect and its transformative power to larger audiences is a potential game changer in human behavior towards a sustainable future. Columbus Earth Center’s exploration to disseminate the Overview Effect and to use its transformative power to generate a cognitive shift without going to space, has led to the first Overview Symposium to be held on 3 November.

Using the Effect for sustainable goals

Social responsibility and sustainable behavior is one of the essential keystones ensuring future life on Earth. Organizations are exploring ways to strengthen their policies and actions on this matter. The Overview symposium will bring insights on the potential of using the Overview Effect to achieve their endeavors through an impressive range of speakers.  During the first part of this symposium, experts such as Blaze Sanders (USA, Technical Lead of SpaceVR) and Philippe Ailleris (Project Controller for Earth Observation Satellite at the European Space Agency) will elaborate on the Overview Effect and on the question of how to bring the experience to Earth. The second part will focus on how the Overview Effect can effectively contribute to reaching sustainable goals with special emphasis on social responsibility. For this part, speakers such as psychologist Annahita Nezami (UK), neuroscientist Erik Schoppen (NL) and business coach Felix Hoch (GER) will take the stage. Philosopher and writer Govert Derix (NL) will moderate the program. The audio-visual Earth gazing installation at the center will be experienced and analyzed by attendees of the symposium.