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Join us at the Overview Symposium 2017 on Friday November 3rd: Exploring the Overview Effect and its transformative power for sustainability thinking and social responsibility!

At the end of the 1960’s astronauts saw the Earth from space for the first time. For many astronauts their perspective and thinking about the future of the earth changed forever by this experience. It’s what we call the OVERVIEW EFFECT.

Is it possible to experience this astronauts view of the Earth without actually going to space? How can the Overview Effect and it's transformative power be of use to various organizations in realizing their sustainability and social responsibility goals? During a full day symposium an international group of researchers, psychologists, philosophers, and scientists will facilitate keynotes, lectures and debates to answer these questions and more.  

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The Overview Effect

A small blue dot, floating in an infinite space, only protected by a thin layer of atmosphere. That's the Earth and the only place in the universe where we know that people can live. Astronauts who have seen the Earth from orbit or the moon, report that this OVERVIEW EFFECT, a term coined by American space philosopher Frank White has changed their perspective on the world forever. 

Being able to transfer the Overview Effect and it’s transformative power to larger audiences is a potential game changer in human behavior towards a sustainable future. Columbus Earth Center’s exploration to disseminate the Overview Effect and to use its transformative power to generate a cognitive shift without going to space, has led to organizing the first Overview Symposium on November 3rd. During the first part of this symposium experts will elaborate on the Overview Effect itself and on the question how to bring the experience to Earth. The second part will focus on how the Overview Effect can effectively contribute to reaching sustainability goals, with special emphasis on social responsibility

So be part of the Overview Symposium 2017 and join us in Kerkrade!

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Overview Effect Symposium

  • 10 juni 2017

  • 3 november 2017