The perfect school outing

Columbus is a film theatre that is located in a domed building. The building accommodates three auditoriums, of which the earth theatre is the main auditorium. This auditorium is equipped with very special surfaces for projections that are unique in the world. They make it possible to look at things in entirely different ways to yield new insights and concepts. The programmes presented in Columbus provide new perspectives as they deal with subjects in progressively closer detail. Frequently these programmes are linked with our earth. Films in 3D quality by National Geographic are shown in this auditorium as well.

Columbus presents two productions in the earth theatre for the school year 2016-2017. EARTH offers pupils an experience that until now only 500 people in the whole world had: a look at our earth from space.

ZWART takes the pupils under the ground to explore the hidden world of the Limburg coal miners.

The programmes in the National Geographic Theatre vary regularly. Our booking service will be able to inform you about offers and cost for educational institutions. You can book your visit to Columbus via Continium.