an underground journey through the mines Show

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Travel deep down into the earth together with Columbus to explore the mines: ZWART

There is a mystery tucked away, hundreds of metres down under the Limburg soil. A world hidden from view, a factory gone quiet, abandoned by man and animal...

For many years nobody has entered this dark world. Thousands of metres of galleries, machinery that has fallen silent and tools that were left behind. For centuries there was close comradeship in these galleries, there were hidden risks and people toiled to make a living. Then these places, which left their mark on man and landscape alike, were abandoned and sealed off. After all these years Columbus is reopening this hidden world.


Photography or filming prohibited

Note: This experience, which does not exist anywhere in the world, uses high-quality equipment and immersive projections. (Flash)light from your phone or camera disturbs the experience for other visitors. It is therefore not allowed to photograph or film.


ZWART: een ondergrondse reis door de mijnen