our planet, our home Show

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€ 10,- (online)
30 seats

A journey that is bound to change your life too!

A small, blue dot, protected by a thin atmosphere, suspended in boundless black space. This is our earth: our planet, our home. A sphere of unspoilt beauty, whose surface is more and more moulded into shape by the people living on it. What do we do with our world? Let's have a look at it in its entirety, at its beauty, but also at its vulnerability. Columbus invites you to come on a flight that goes hundreds of kilometres up into the air, higher and higher, beyond the blue sky. And then you will be presented with a view of our earth as only 500 people before you ever had. It's a view that changed a lot of lives. See the earth as you have never seen it before.


Photography and filming prohibited

Note: This experience, which does not exist anywhere in the world, uses high-quality equipment and immersive projections. (Flash)light from your phone or camera disturbs the experience for other visitors. It is therefore not allowed to photograph or film.


Earth - our planet, our home